Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What to Do If You Find Yourself at the Columbia, SC Temple with Time to Spare

I can't. I can't do it. I can't get back on facebook. I have tried. I probably will try again. But not now. I need some space and time to get my blood pressure back down to normal. I just spent the morning googling privacy tips because if there's one thing I'm passionate about it's privacy. Not healthy eating or dog breeding or something normal. In the few years I've been gone, things have gotten even more out of control--my control--on facebook. In a bad way. The way I see it, everyone will know everything about me all the time and in a few weeks time I'll be obsessively checking it every spare moment and stressing over the passive aggressive and downright idiotic and polarizing and self-centered comments from normally nice sort-of-friends.

On the other hand, I did get on instagram awhile ago, but haven't ever posted any pictures and am only following my sisters. I remember to check it about once a month but I don't like to comment because then people will see it. People I don't know or possibly sorta know. I realize it's weird that that thought absolutely freaks me out. I realize these "people" neither know nor care who I am, what I'm saying, or where I am, but that doesn't calm the emotional tizzy I would work myself into by potentially drawing unwanted attention to myself. As an aside, I remember a boy I dated in college giving me the nickname "the queen of discretion", meaning I didn't like to reveal too much about myself. (Wasn't fully intended as a compliment, ahem.) He made it sound a lot cooler than it is. Discretion can be taken too far, methinks. Meknows.


Funny stories about the kids! Family updates! Pictures!

A couple weeks ago I got to go to the temple in Columbia with some friends. Hinckley, who had gone with Darron a week or two before and had regaled me with tales of catching teeny tiny frogs on the grounds, came to me with this before I left.

It's a map. Of where to find frogs. For my own amusement and pleasure. Perhaps if I arrived a bit early with time to kill before I went in? Or maybe when I came out and had the overwhelming urge to forage in the bushes for thumbnail-sized amphibious souvenirs? Map was also accompanied by a very detailed explanation of which colors and sizes were to be found in each location. He was quite mystified when I got home and had to confess that I didn't find any. "Wait," (eyes narrowing) "You didn't even look, did you?" he accused. My excuse that it was dark and I was in heels. Not that the map wasn't particularly helpful and clear or that I am really only interested in his frog-hunting excursions, not in conducting my own personal ones. 

Here's a picture of our house, I thought you might like to see. We do like it. It's up on a hill, it's white, and it's pretty cute. 

Hinckley and the gang. At his last meet he beat his previous time by over two minutes. We were so super proud of him. I also just love watching Darron run around during Hinckley's race, trying to reach different points on the track so he can holler and cheer for his son. It does my heart good. Only the fastest siblings can keep up with Dad, and Delilah and I are usually a few seconds too late. 

I am teaching the kids their piano lessons, with results being inconclusive at this time. It was Darron's idea, since we are trying to save money for a house and all. I told him I would try and I am. No has yelled or stormed off during the middle of a lesson. We are all proud of ourselves. The attitudes of the children have been far better than I had anticipated. My teaching strategy "fake smile lots and pretend these are not your children so you don't get snappy" is working for the time being. 

I got called to serve in Cub Scouts with Thomas. I'm trying to set up an effective program with a small number of boys (4 wolves, 1 bear, 1 webelos, 1 11-yr-old) and only two leaders. It's tricky and is causing me stress, but I'm surprised at how much I like being with the boys. Like most people, Cub Scouts was on my short list of the things, I *fingers crossed* hoped I was never asked to do. Well, the list just got shorter, because I like it. Darron got called into the High Priests group leadership and he likes it because he's weird. 

We are happy and really doing well. It is my goal to reach out to my old friends in Utah and other places from other times in my life because, well, I like you and want to still be a part of your lives, so please know I am taking baby steps in that direction. 


The Queen of Discretion

P.S. You should know that when I filled out those career surveys in high school, my top three occupations were: long-haul trucker, sheep herder, and forest ranger (I'm assuming the kind that lives alone in a cabin and cares for trails and trees and animals, not humans. I'm assuming.) Do you think there's a pattern?