Tuesday, June 16, 2015

There We All Go

Big news from the Here We All Are clan:

Do you have any idea how many times I watched this movie as a child? 26 years later and I can still bust this out like it's 1989. 

We're flitterin'. All the way to Greenville, South Carolina. And we are so so excited. No big reason, we just felt like we wanted a change. Do you think this'll do it?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why South Carolina?
Darron has an aunt and some cousins out there, and he lived there for a year, so it's not quiiiite a spin the globe and poke it kind of move.

Have you been there?
Yes. Once. For five days.

Yes, but during the summer? 

Because you know it's gonna be hot?
Yes that's what I hear. From everyone.

What sparked this move?
Darron visited a few months ago, and the idea was conceived. He came home and brought it up, yada, yada, yada, we're moving in a month and a half. First of August.

You know about humidity, right? 
In theory, yes. 

How do your kids feel about it? 
Surprisingly great. Delilah: doesn't count. Thomas: initially worried, was promised an axe, is now doing fine, dreaming of all the things he can chop. Ava: was promised a dog, couldn't be more thrilled. Halle: was promised new friends and closer proximity to her favorite cousin, totally on board. Hinckley: perfectly happy from the get-go, that kid is always fine. I'm sure as things get closer to actually happening, the sadness and loss will set in a bit more, but we feel confident that everyone will be just fine.

And you?
I can't say it won't be sad and hard. We've lived in our home for 14 years. We've been a part of a fantastic, accepting, supportive ward full of good people we love and admire. I am not known for my ability to stay in touch with anyone really, so this will test me and possibly force me back onto social media. It will also put a distance barrier between us and Darron's family here in Utah and an even greater distance between me and all of my West Coast family. Visits will be more difficult and expensive and time consuming and require much more forethought and preparation. I'll need to make some adjustments for sure. 

So let's just say for example, you take a shower in the morning, do your hair, put on your makeup and deodorant and dry clothes and then you walk outside and bam, a bucket of sweat is dropped on you and you're drenched. And stinking. And your makeup slides off and pools at your feet.
I hear what you're saying--

And also you want to die.
Yes but--

A big, soggy, stinking frizzhead with no makeup. That's what you'll be. 
Okay, yes, okay. It will be different. I know (in my head) it will be hot and humid. I know it won't be like Utah. And I'm looking forward to the changes that it will bring. The weather (yes), the landscape, the places to visit, the proximity to the ocean and historical and church landmarks. A whole new side of the country I know nothing about will be available to us. My kids will be challenged in ways they've never before been, as will I and Darron. We love Utah and I consider it home, as it's been for the past 20 years, but we are ready to try something new and create a new "home". This opportunity has fallen in our laps seemingly from nowhere, but we feel like we can make it into everything for our family. I feel hungry for new adventure and growth and plan to make the most of all of the changes that will come our way as a result of this decision. 

The biggest surprise we've encountered when we've told people about this move is how many people secretly want to do it too...pick up and move somewhere totally new and start over. What is it about doing this that is so appealing? I admit, I've fantasized about it for years. 

Our house is up for sale, We have a rental home ready and waiting and are in the process of finding a lot to suit our fantastical wish list on which to build a house. Seriously can't wait. :)