Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Little Christmas

Happy December-- the most wonderful time of the year.

It means a piano recital for Ava, Hinckley, and Halle. I have videos of them that only a mother could love. Here's a picture for the rest of you.

Ava's 3rd grade teacher (who we LOVE) put together a little nativity play with parts for everyone, a real live baby Jesus, lots of songs, a classroom transformed overnight with dollar store tablecloths and cardstock stars, sets and know, during her extra time. Oh, and she accompanied them on the guitar. She is Maria von Trapp. Ava played the donkey. That's her down in the left corner. She had a solo but sang it so quietly that we couldn't really hear it, so again, no video.

Riding the train to Temple Square to see the lights. This is an yearly family tradition with Darron's brothers and sisters

The first of our children to LIKE SANTA! She had a nice little chat at our family Christmas party.

A brief clip of our family nativity

Christmas Eve at the cousins' house! We really do take more pictures of Delilah than all the rest. Can't be helped.
Then hurry home, brush your teeth, hop in bed, and try try try with all your might to go to sleep! Santa Claus comes tomight!

 Christmas morning, the kids stayed put until 7, ahhhh.....

And we woke to this beautiful sight, a clean, fresh blanket of snow. This hasn't happened in years. Such a treat.

And then....




Legos to be built

Music to be played

Breakfast to be eaten, video games to be broken in, new books to be devoured, snow to be packed, thrown, tasted, and reveled in. Blessings most dear to be counted and enjoyed. God's precious gift to the world celebrated and remembered. We love you all, our friends and family! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Catching Up and Sending Off

My parents touched down in Germany early this morning. We said goodbye to them last week for a year and a half. They will be missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, doing...well, we haven't yet determined what precisely they will be doing, but we're sure it will be great.

In the meantime, my daughterly sense of duty compels me to make at least an effort at blogging a bit more. Which would be every six months instead of nine-- or so. Ish. Whatever. The point is, it will surely be more frequent as it would be virtually impossible to be less. But let's not be hasty and accidentally make a commitment or some such nonsense.

Sooo....where were we? Ah yes! May! I last wrote in May. Since then we've

played soccer,

and the piano,

started school,

had some cupcakes,


done a science fair project involving Mountain Dew--naturally,

 and eaten Thanksgiving leftovers with cousins.

And if I have no record of the other 99.5% of life that happened, do me the favor of trusting me when I say it did. Happen. While cursing along with me my stupid camera on my stupid phone that inexplicably started taking really grainy pictures so all I'm left with is the few on my good camera that I thought to take only during super momentous occasions. Like Thanksgiving leftovers.

Good-bye Grandma and Grandpa! We love you and will miss you!!!!!!

(If you are interested in following along on their Germanic adventures, my mom has started a blog (!) here.)