Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter, Christmas, and a New Kitchen (In No Particular Order)

It's high time I show you my new kitchen, right? Okey dokey.

First, here are some befores and durings. I know that they are all from different angles and not the best photos for comparing, but really just be impressed that I thought to take them at all. I know I am.

Creamy cabs, forest green laminate, and a really terrible photographer.

With everything taken out and the french doors put in.

And then the tongue and groove ceiling, before paint.

And then cabinets. And an island. 

And then....? Light fixtures, countertops and backsplash, hardware, sink and faucet, paint, and you get the After....and *poof* a baby too.

Oh, I just love it. It was Darron's idea to change the layout from a peninsula to an island. It didn't give us a whole lot more space necessarily, but it did open up another access point to the kitchen which now allows another body or two in the small space. And if there's one thing we're not short on around here its bodies or two. I was so so so nervous that the ideas in my head wouldn't translate in person, but I am so pleased with it all. The floors will be done some other day or decade, but I hardly notice their grossness now because of the beauty above them. I also need to decide on a window covering for the window and french doors so that my back door neighbors can get a break from the all day all night reality drama going on behind them. But someday. I'm all decided out right now.  

So during this reno, we had two major surgeries, two birthdays, and the neverending daily ongoings of a family of seven. And all of my social anxiety disorder in full rage. Ok. Not really. I know I don't actually have social anxiety disorder, I just happen to possess all of the symptoms. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to not have people in my house all the time out of my personal safe space and my house back in order. Like, it made me happier than actually having the new kitchen. But, in the words of my mother, "Heather, everything isn't always about you," (still chewing on that one after 25 years), so let's see what else I can find to talk about, hmm?

Well, there's Delilah. And plenty of her.

Delilah and Dad

Delilah hunting eggs

I do have other children, I suppose. Whatever.

Tommy at the dance festival. Aargh!!!!

Way back at Christmas, but I just found this one. Everyone loves Uncle Daniel. He's awesome.

Ava Bean

Halle Lou


Avie again. Her first piano recital!

All three. They're so cute. Excuse me for a moment while I die.

Every now and then someone gets a picture of Mom. Thank you Halle, I do exist.

I just like this picture of my Dad. It's just so...him.

Folks, I think that's it. It's bedtime and there's a book on my Kindle calling my name. Heather...come reeaad meee... I must obey.