Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving and More

Happy Thanksgiving! We're pretending that it just happened and that I'm not late.

We traveled to California for the big meal... everyone was scheduled to be there, so I brought my good camera to get some nice shots of family and cousins and all the togetherness. But what do you think actually happened? You're so very right. But my mom did schedule a big family picture and I took a few of my kids while we waited for everyone else to get ready. You'll notice there are waaay more Delilahs than anyone else. I don't apologize. It's what I do.
 Oh that little tongue!!!

 Why. Why are they always fighting?
 A stern warning not to get those clothes dirty and a change of background.

Taken after Ava's second grade devotional in which she had a solo. This was before Thanksgiving but on my camera. I don't know if I've mentioned Ava's exuberance or not. Sometimes you can't really tell from her pictures.
Here's the Youtube link if you want to watch her sing. It makes me cry but I'm her mom; I'm pretty sure you'll be okay.
We caught a bug over the holiday, of the stomach variety, and it chose to come out on the drive home. Which led to vomit in the car. On the seats, on the floor, on clothes, blankets, and pillows, and sometimes, when we were lucky, even into other open containers of vomit. For 11 hours. And then vomit in the house for the three days following. I'm sorry but I don't have pictures, only the very practical advice that plastic bakery bags from grocery stores work most excellently as barf bags. Sturdy. No holes. Stock up.
Which leads us to the present. We are all healthy. We are all happy. We are having tacos for dinner tonight. It's freezing cold outside. The Sound of Music is on at 7 and we're going to watch it. I hope your present is just as awesome.