Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who's In Charge? The Answer May Surprise You.

Back from camp. So ending my six-week battle with insomnia. And I emerge from the perpetual low grade anxiety that has plagued me for several months. It went well. We had challenges, fun, and oh so many blessings.

Challenges because a non-camper, non-leader was called as Girls Camp director. You know the feelings you get as a new mom (and sometimes even now) when you realize you are in charge and you don't know anything? About anything? Who's idea was this? People would ask me a question, or look to me to call the shots and then it was my turn to say something....... Uhhh...... I feel grateful that it wasn't worse. And that God has the grace to make up for what I lack when I try my hardest to do his work. As I kept him busy, I tried to content myself with the knowledge that imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with, and that despite my bumblings, he manages to get his work done.

Fun because it's Girls Camp! And though no one has ever in my life accused me of being fun, even I couldn't quash the enthusiasm and spirit of 17 girls away from the distractions of life and ready to have a good time. It was nice to be reminded of the joys of being a teenager because sometimes I only remember the horrors.

Blessings because God was with us at every turn, protecting and guiding, sending us angels in our time of need, granting us an outpouring of his spirit to get us through adversity, showering us with his love and a feeling of unity, providing a Tylenol PM when I needed it most. We were a little piece of heaven away from home. What a sweet feeling that was.

I felt so privileged to get to know my little band of girls and leaders. It was a million kinds of stressful and I'm insanely glad to be done and get to relax for the first time this summer and do some things with my kids so they can't call this the worst summer ever, but I would do it again in a second. A second.

So I got home, had a day off, then life set in. A little personal trial left me heartsick and emotionally numb because that's how I deal with stuff. And then I inadvertently disappointed some people close to me bringing back the anxiety. Because I'm an obliger and the hardest thing for an obliger to do is let other people down. Do you ever wish you could pick up and move to another state or country and just start over with no friends, family, or obligations, no demands or expectations? I know I never do. But that one night of undisturbed easy sleep? I'll remember it forever.

What's next for us? For my motley little band of unwashed and unbrushed children? Well, if our new and improved Summer Bucket List is any indication (the first being filled with such insane requests as "jeeping" and "go to the pool") we will be found at Walmart, Target, and the Dollar Store for the next five weeks. Also possibly Costco! Sweet!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

And We're Back

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I've been off The Facebook for awhile now. There are lots of reasons, but when I give them, people feel like they need to justify why they are still on. And my dears, I don't care. It's not a passive aggressive sanctimonious move, it just stopped being a good thing for me. But I miss a few things about it, that's for sure. I mean, Facebook can't be beat when you need to borrow a pair of stilts in short order, or you need a vote of which local gymnastics place is the best. Or you need some firewood donated for use at church Girls Camp. Which I do. Someone wanna post that for me?

I've been crazy busy this summer. And I think I'm finally realizing after several years of these mad summer rushes, that it's not the exception but the rule. Summers with school-aged kids are busy. That's how it is. My organizational, craftacular, power-tool driven fantasies may just have to wait for another season of life.

Back to Girls Camp. Did you know that's what I'm in charge of right now? And the main cause of my busyness. We leave in 11 days and I'm pretty excited. I mean, I didn't start out excited, because I was so confused and overwhelmed and clueless and also lactating, but by golly I think I've finally figured out what we'll be doing up there. I mean, I myself will be with my Medela in the tent five times a day, but the girls will have some stuff, too. So whew!

Ava got new glasses. And the bottom halves of her two front teeth. I don't know, maybe that's all she's getting? cause they've been like this for a few months now.

Thomas has learned to do his own hair. Now listen. I only share this with you under the strictest order in my most serious voice that you will NOT. SAY. ANYTHING about it. No laughing, no "casual innocent" questions, no compliments. NOTHING. He will know. He will know something is up and he will stop doing it and then my heart will break in two. Because oh my gosh, here is my heart.
Please may he pleasepleaseplease never outgrow this...
You may be surprised at how quickly Halle is growing up all of a sudden. She will spend hours poring over the latest Justice clothing catalogue, and sighing, because I've told her I'll only take her there once a month and it's only been two weeks.
I caught her reading a book while cleaning the blinds the other day. 
Hinckley. He's twelve now, you know, so going to things like Youth Conference ("the food was SO great!"), a church fireside meeting entitled A Night with the Bishopric ("all they talked about was dating...ugh it was sooo boooring!" eyes roll back in head, head rolls back on neck, mouth drops open, groans emerge), teaching his first lesson in Sunday School ("nobody would answer any of my questions"), and going to the temple for the first time with Grandpa.

And now you need to go over to my sister-in-law Melanie's website. She's created some fabulous new products for diaper blowouts and has the cutest little model you've ever seen. But don't take my word for it. Go take a peek at the Blowout Blocker and then the Soaker Stopper. You may have to scroll a bit to get to the little girl in pink. For the record, she has never had a blowout. She had the uh, opposite bowel problem.

And then a few extras:
Little D

One more because oh my gosh. Get that boy some Dapper Dan!

Handsome :)

With cousin Wyatt

I'm so happy soccer is over! (said by both Mom and Tommy. Also Dad. And the rest of the family.)

With cousin Georgia

With lots more cuzzies!

And then with some more!

At least one of our children enjoyed playing soccer. 

Snuggles from her favorite guy

You may think this is supposed to be a picture of Delilah's super awesome hair. It's not. I am clearly focusing on Socks the monkey and the corner of the table. Duh. But the hair is pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading.