Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving and More

Happy Thanksgiving! We're pretending that it just happened and that I'm not late.

We traveled to California for the big meal... everyone was scheduled to be there, so I brought my good camera to get some nice shots of family and cousins and all the togetherness. But what do you think actually happened? You're so very right. But my mom did schedule a big family picture and I took a few of my kids while we waited for everyone else to get ready. You'll notice there are waaay more Delilahs than anyone else. I don't apologize. It's what I do.
 Oh that little tongue!!!

 Why. Why are they always fighting?
 A stern warning not to get those clothes dirty and a change of background.

Taken after Ava's second grade devotional in which she had a solo. This was before Thanksgiving but on my camera. I don't know if I've mentioned Ava's exuberance or not. Sometimes you can't really tell from her pictures.
Here's the Youtube link if you want to watch her sing. It makes me cry but I'm her mom; I'm pretty sure you'll be okay.
We caught a bug over the holiday, of the stomach variety, and it chose to come out on the drive home. Which led to vomit in the car. On the seats, on the floor, on clothes, blankets, and pillows, and sometimes, when we were lucky, even into other open containers of vomit. For 11 hours. And then vomit in the house for the three days following. I'm sorry but I don't have pictures, only the very practical advice that plastic bakery bags from grocery stores work most excellently as barf bags. Sturdy. No holes. Stock up.
Which leads us to the present. We are all healthy. We are all happy. We are having tacos for dinner tonight. It's freezing cold outside. The Sound of Music is on at 7 and we're going to watch it. I hope your present is just as awesome.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Delilah

Here she is with her favorite book and her favorite guy.
Oh hi Mom. You again?

She'll kiss Dad. She'll kiss the cow jumping over the moon. But the rest of us? Eh.
They told me. The kids told me she had discovered her nose and the joys found therein. I find the evidence on my camera. It's just all up in there, isn't it.

Go Cougs!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Because Grandmas Need Pictures, I'm Told

Happy Halloween! From Waldo, Pirate Gal, Genie, and Scary Ghost

 ...and Cowgirl
 ...and Elizabeth in 10th Grade
Other Assorted Kid Pics

Is that good, Mom?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Things to Make Me Smile

1. Ava, as we pulled into the driveway after piano lessons, said to me, "I just love our house. I think it's the most beautiful house in the world." I confess I don't agree with her. When I look at my house, I see it's flaws, it's age, it's shortcomings, the things I would change if only. To me it mostly looks tired, too small, and not enough. My mind is always seeing what could be done to make it "better" which would in turn make me more content. Right? Because that's how it works. Contentment is completely dependent on external factors. Ugh. But kids aren't like that and I guess Ava understands the concept of "home" better than I. Like it or not, my kids' memories--my memories--of our growing up years, will largely be set inside these walls. Why can't I look at this place where everything sacred and important to me happens and see the beauty in it because of what it is, not what it looks like? So with all the parental sagacity I could muster I launched into solemn explanation of why we have good feelings about our home no matter where and what it is, to help her understand what she was experiencing. "No, its not that, " she interrupted. "I just love white."
White House (the most beautiful one)

2. I mentioned that Hinckley changed schools this year. This was a difficult and big decision for him and I was very proud of him for making it. I've always known he made the right choice, but then there was this last night: We're sitting at the table finishing up dinner and Hinckley is jiggling his feet, moving his head, can't sit still, distracted, his energy is just...vibrating, you know? Finally he bursts out, "I'm just so excited for school tomorrow!!" It's so good to cry happy tears over that boy. And now here I go again. If you knew him, if you saw him last year...yeah, you'd be crying, too.

3. I have a project. It's small, and not very thrilling, but it's something to do and it has a deadline. And it's just another reason to smile. Okay, it's painting a bathroom cabinet. I'm not meaning to be all cliff-hanger-y. Maybe I'll show you when I'm done. Or maybe I won't blog again for nine months. Who knows?

And then just for a bonus, just because I can, I'm adding another... fall is here! Oh how I love that old cozy feeling! Last night we had our first snow up on Mount Timpanogos. Did you know Mt. Timpanogos is practically my favorite mountain? And here I get to see it every day. Lots of reasons to smile. I don't have to cook dinner tonight! I don't have to shave my legs for five days! I just got a new sweater!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Downloading pictures from one's digital camera is as good an impetus as any other for a blog post, yes? Or is it uploading? One of those things I want to know but only slightly because I really actually don't care. 
This one had a birthday...

 And this one too...


This is what happens when you hand camera responsibilities off to a child.

She got some books for her birthday. And now we will never ever forget. These are actually the ONLY pictures we have of her first birthday. Fifth child, thy name is Delilah.
And then there was the baptism of this wee one :).

And we were there.
And they were there.

Then the first day of school!
Hinckley decided to part ways with the old school and move on to our local middle school.
Don't know if you could tell or not from this picture, but he's pretty happy about it. Wear what you want! Ride the bus! School lunches! What's not to love? about wear what you want? Ride the bus? School lunches? Oh wait, I already used those for the other..... Whatever. He's happy, I'm happy. Speaking of happy...
You know that magical moment when a child finally discovers his "photo face"? Happy to announce that Tommy has found his. The best part of this photo is that I have proof that Halle brushed her teeth on the first day of school. Or let toothpaste and a toothbrush sit in her mouth for a few minutes while she did other things. BUT! this beggar shall not be a chooser.
Grandpa doing what Grandpa does best.
Tracking down funny videos on YouTube for the grandkids. Expanding their horizons and all that.
Delilah doing what she does best. Undoing.
And me? Well, I got a label maker.

It's cool. That last one says "boxes" by the way. It was super hard to take because the plastic was so shiny. I have been on a mission to make up for the year and a half I took off from maintaining the house. At least, I was on it for a couple weeks but then I needed some time off because ugh, I'm tired of it. But I got a few things ordered and a few things clean. What do we call that? A success, friends, a SUCCESS!!
So really I'm just trying to find myself in my new position as stay-at-home mom to only one. One. That's it. And no midday drop-offs or pick-ups that cut the day on half and leave you with no time at all. 6 1/2 hours of just whatever the heck I feel like doing. It's overwhelming to be in charge of that much time. If I do everything on my ideal list, which I did for the first little while (scriptures, get kids off to school, exercise, clean, shower, run errands, play with Delilah) it definitely fills the day but I just feel like it's lacking...what? I don't know. Danger? Excitement? Stress and panic? What is it? It's bizarre for me to consider if I hadn't had Delilah how utterly empty my days would be. So I get to wax a bit philosophical and realize that I'd better get ready to deal with the next few years because soon I will have to face that prospect. The beginning of the end of this stage of my life.
Well, yikes. That was an unexpected little detour. But then if I didn't whine just a little you wouldn't know for sure if you had the right blog.