Saturday, January 21, 2012

But Didn't You Just Say....

I do. I realize this will mean eating an awful lot of my words, but the good news is I am pregnant. I am eight weeks along and since my cowardly stomach muscles abandoned ship four weeks ago, I feel I need to hurry and make the declaration before things get awkward.

I feel great, like the best out of any of my pregnancies. Not a whole lot of nausea-- what a nice little surprise for the woman who was pretty freaked out to get pregnant at *gasp* 35. What I do feel is hungry. And also real lazy. Which, you know, pretty much described me before, but now it's a symptom, not a character flaw.

If I had ANY motivation, I would write a little about my feelings and such and the pact I had to make with the dev--DARRON, I mean Darron, to get this baby going but seriously this pregnancy induced laziness is so bad I just don't think I feel like it. It is so hard being me.