Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Year!

As Christmas fast approaches and it becomes clear to me that I will NOT be putting together Christmas cards/photos/letters in the next two days, the relief is palpable. The house feels brighter, lighter and dirtier. Because not only have I not been taking pictures or composing well-wishes, I've not been cleaning much either. But fa-la-la and ho-ho-ho, here's what we have been doing this year....

Everyone has had a birthday. And I mean everyone. Including Thomas, who turned three in April but refuses to acknowledge it. When he found out he wasn't turning four (his first pick) he just put his foot down and remained two. The others are as follows: Hinckley-9, Halle-7, Ava-5 and fabulous. Darron and I refused to be interviewed for this paragraph, but I would estimate we are somewhere close to last year's age.

Next up: hair. Thomas has perfect shiny luscious shepherd boy locks. I don't know that I've mentioned that before. And with them comes the source of his power. Ava has thick, long, and according to Grandma golden hair that swings from side to side when she walks and flips perfectly over her shoulders when batted with the back of her hand. I am proud to say my daughter is "that girl". And Halle. Shortly before school she came up with the idea to cut her long hair into a cute bob. Whomever says subliminal messaging doesn't work has not met me. Her hair has not yet "come in", so her cut worked wonders with what she does have, and it suits her sunshiny personality. Hinckley was given the go ahead to grow his out, by which I mean longer than a #1 on the electric clippers. We fear a surly attitude and penchant for throwing rocks at kittens will surely follow, but Darron doesn't even like cats and we prefer surl to whine, so we're going ahead. Moi....? Darron voiced a suggestion, for the first time in our entire marriage, that I grow it a little longer. I am all about doing what my husband wants--and immediately--so out it grows. I am also seeing a licensed professional again (for my HAIR) which is a relief to all. Speaking of suggestions, mine to Darron was that he stop shaving his head for awhile. Which, of course, he has. The last time you saw his hair nine years ago it was brown. No longer. He blames the grey and white on me. At least that's all I've done.
Our main expenses this year have been food, school uniforms, and Dr. Gordon. We eat food every day. And the kids go to school most days. And we went to the dentist after a (ahem) significant hiatus from dental coverage. I like to imagine he spent it on something nice, like a diamond bracelet for his wife, or an extended European tour for his family, 324 closest facebook friends and their favorite neighbors.

It has occurred to me that "cool houses" cannot be "created". The purchase and installation of a play center from Costco and a basketball backboard does not guarantee that your kids and their friends will use them. You may find that they persist in going to the play at the neighbors' house, complete with a pool, a trampoline, and an endless supply of neighborhood kids.

And speaking of fun, why go to Disneyland when we have a perfectly good "local amusement park" a mere 45 minutes away? Come to think of it, why go to the local amusement park, when we can go to the local-er "fun center" just down the freeway? And then--even better--why the fun center, when there are parks for free all around? They have slides, no swings if we're lucky, and nary a fried chicken finger to be found. The kids have fun and Mom doesn't get weird looks if she sits on a bench and reads a book. AND Dad can still go to work to help support the Gordon Family European fund. Win-win-win. Your nine year old may sadly sigh and look woefully up at you when his friends talk about their latest Disney trip, but in my opinion, sighing is good for children and woe is a sign of maturity.

Our children are perfect, our life is ideal. If you don't want to be us after reading this, you probably read it too fast. And I may have forgotten to mention, but it now occurs to me to tell you that we had a romantic couples getaway to RadioShack last night. Yes, technically, our kids were there, but I tell you, when we locked eyes over the electronic yapping dogs...magic.

A very merry Christmas to each one of you. This season is the perfect opportunity to think about what matters most to us. We love our family, our friends, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. May He guide each of us though our lives as we develop greater trust in Him and a desire to live as He wants us to live. We hope the new year brings joy, love, and peace to each of you. We also hope to find Hinckley's Cub Scout book.

Love and Best Wishes!!!

Darron, Heather, Hinckley, Halle, Ava, and Thomas

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."