Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Anticipation and Disaster Averted

Don't you love fall? And Hawaii and baby kittens and the smell of clean laundry? I enjoy all the seasons, in moderation, but this year fall is just getting to me. The clothes, the weather, the food, the beauty. It's still fairly warm here, but we're experiencing a nice slow slide down the thermostat that we don't often get in Utah. There is so much anticipation wrapped up in this time of year, so much to look forward to. A new year of school, a new attempt at scheduling and organizing. Real holidays. Now, I am not the kind to get excited for Christmas (sad) but this year is different, I've been anticipating it since June. Don't know exactly why or what for, but I've been so kind of buzzed about it and I think about it ALL the time. Like a 16 year old boy and um, skateboards. I've bought a few gifts already and feel a bit smug and totally on track, a really foreign feeling to me (minus the smugness).

Halloween? I have 2 of the 4 required costumes (mostly) bought. As you may remember from last year, this is also quite unprecedented. I must admit I presently am toying with the idea of sewing Tommy's Woody costume, but such insanity must be at least considered, if only so I can assure others I have not been alien-abducted and replaced by a pod. I also put up a decoration. Darron told me I should decorate for Halloween this year. He tells me this every year. So do my kids. Every year. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "So-and-so has her decorations up! When are we getting ours?" I'd have lots of dollars and I wouldn't spend one of them on Halloween decorations. But I spent a few bucks at Roberts and Dollar Tree and put this out:
Come a little closer, my dears... Thanksgiving is still a bit of a quandary, although I know there isn't that much to quandar, but this holiday actually is causing me stress for the first time, like, ever. You may have noticed me calling you and inviting myself to your house for the big day. If not, check your phone because I totally texted you and I'm bugged cause you didn't respond.

Ooh and crock-pot meals! To change the subject. Don'tcha love 'em? Put your energy into cooking when you have it, early in the day, then you're ahead of the game when 4:30 rolls around. I love being ahead of the game. Again, not a frequent occurrence with me. I tried a couple recipes from this month's Costco magazine. French Lentil Rice Soup yesterday and Hearty Beef Short-ribs today. Tasty. I'm giving this recipe a go tomorrow, because I do love the rotisserie chickens. SO tasty. Plus, I like to make my own chicken stock with the bones. And now I'm just bragging.

And in closing...

Ok. You have your emergency food supply, extra water, toilet paper, clothing, what have you. But what about your emergency pencil, hmm? It's ok. You can use ours.

Wishing everyone an on-track, slow-cooked, emergency-prepared Fall!!!