Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Rundown

This just got too long for a facebook status, so I'm moving things over here. Can I get a....PROJECT RUNWAY HURRAH?!!! And you might want to get ready for lots of caps because my excitement level is pretty high.

It's BACK! One of the only three tv shows I watch, the others being House Hunters International (although I don't care for all the Caribbean episodes, I will watch them, I just prefer the European, Middle Eastern, etc. Even Canada I like. But I'm all burned out on Roatan.), and Your Total Body Workout, an hourlong yoga program on KBYU.

So last night was the big premiere and it did not disappoint. Of COURSE it did not disappoint!Here are the things I loved:

1) Heidi, Tim, Michael, and Nina. In no particular order. Well ok, here's the order of preference: Michael, Nina, Heidi, and Tim. I just love these folks. If we could have an entire episode of the post-runway critiques, I'd be truly happy and have nothing left to wish for. Michael's gift for the outrageously creative and spot on put-down, his hilarious catty-but-not-too chemistry with Nina (don't you hope they hang out in real life? Like all the time? That he just comes to the Marie Claire offices every morning and they have their Starbucks together and look through piles of fashion photos and samples and they aren't mean, just honest and they do that thing where one of them says something funny and then they look at each other and do that laugh.....), Tim's dry, self-aware, spinsterly little persona, Heidi's killer shoes and constant state of pregnancy (just a little disappointing that she isn't this season).

2) The episodes are now 90 minutes and I am NOT KIDDING! Because 60 minutes were NOT enough. 90 minutes aren't either, but it's more and more is better. 90 MINUTES!!! It's like Christmas Day!

3) A really really great guest judge. Selma Blair. Who knew? I'm not that into pop culture anymore, so I didn't know much about her, but she was marvelous. Not afraid to disagree with the other judges, capable of being witty and daring in her taste and remarks, and so clever I am pretty sure she even swayed the others enough to save that "full Italian" guy, the one who made the backwards kimono Friar Tuck bathrobe. I can't specifically remember all the other guest judges, but I'm going to just venture out and say that she is the best one they've ever had. Because quite often, even usually, they are just terrible. Remember Lindsay Lohan? I don't know what her agent had to do to get her that gig, and although it was nice to see her sober, it couldn't make up for the fact that she was Lindsay Lohan and she had NO place being there, nothing to say, no clout or taste. Or ew, how about that little girl from the OC? Summer...I can't remember her real name. Please PR producers, if you are going to take air and face time away from my true love MichaelandNina, make it someone palatable and funny. Like Selma Blair.

Okay, I could go on, but I need to get on with my day. Darron has his 20 year high school reunion tonight and we are actually going for the first time ever, so it's kind of a big deal.

What about you? Is that an "amen" I hear? Any other Project Runway peeps out there? What are you most excited about and how-- HOW are we going to make it through another 7 days until the next episode?