Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Relax, When You're Me

What have I been doing with myself for the past two weeks? Now that school's out? Oh not much. Get it? NOT MUCH??? It's not actually a joke, it's just true, and absolutely, deliciously, delightful. Here are some of my favorite (and not-so) things I've been indulging in lately...
My Nook. :)

I'm not a technosavant or whatever you call it. But Darron got me this e-reader for my birthday. It's always nice to have a book under thumb. Of course, I still have to pay for them, so I've been mostly catching up on my Bronte and James and the like, the "freebies". Oh, they're terribly boring you're right, but it's reading, and I love it.

A little spray paint goes a long way. Not literally. No, you always need 4x the amount you thought you would. But it does have the power to transform an ugly orange-brown rattan-and-pine tray into this little lovely...

Yes, I did put the "good magazines" on top. And is the guy on this month's Ensign a dead ringer for Kevin Wright or what? Anyone? Anyone?

Next thing I've been into... the closets. Organizing and chucking. Or, in order, chucking then organizing. I don't have all the matching containers and paper lined walls, but the dust bunnies and mismatched sheets have been banished and turns out, we have plenty of Irish Spring soap. I can take that off my list for 15 years.

Oh yeah. Big boys wear Matchbox cars on their bums. They ain't tighty. They ain't whitey. But they're here to stay. Diapers are soooo 8 days ago. As soon as I finished this picture, he came running over and said "Ok, now I want to see my butt!" And who wouldn't. It's under there somewhere, swimming in a sea of yellow Lambourghini.
(Insert cute picture of scrawny little Tommy in his undies. Darron wisely suggested I take it down.)
Now here's what I haven't been doing much of:

Yeah. I think in the last two weeks, aside from my yoga program, I've watched no tv. The only show I actually still record is "House Hunters International" and I like to save it up for a month and watch a mini-marathon. More satisfying that way. I prefer my fantasies to last a little longer than 23 minutes.

When one organizes one's food storage room and discovers one has the better part of a case of chili that will expire in 4 weeks, and then also a half case of refried beans, one eliminates one's interaction with genteel folk and gets down to the business of eating beans.

Oh and I've taken to parking in the driveway. I don't know. Just cause.

What with all the walking around to the front door, I find I just don't have as much time for housework. Two pots: one for chili, one for oatmeal. I did give them the option. Oh, we're regular. Ve-ry regular.

I'd like to entitle this piece "Mom On Hiatus" and I dedicate it to my unwashed, unkempt, Popsicle-sweetened children. Happy Summer Everyone!