Friday, January 22, 2010

Heather Doesn't Live Here Anymore

If there's one thing I hate to be, it's presumptuous. So what exactly was I thinking when I gave myself the blogger/google moniker of "HeatherIsHere"? This: I was trying to be clever. Never a good start to anything I say or do. My blog title is "Here We All Are" so Heather is Here... get it? I know you do, it's not subtle.

Well, that name just sticks in my craw. Every time I post a comment, I cringe to see it black and white. A small swell of embarrassment washes over me and I think I even blush a little. Heather is here! Here I am everyone!!! Aren'tcha glad to see me? I'm here, I'm here, now the fun can start! I'm going to say something! And hold on, cause whatever I say is going to be momentous and stupendous because I am here! It is quite mortifying.

So to ask the million dollar question...Why not change it? Well, here's the deal firstly. That's who I'm known as. (That's as whom I'm known?) When friends see that name in their blog comments, they know it was me. You know, when actresses get married, they keep their screen name and only privately change their name, because we would get all confused and stop going to see their movies. Who the heck is Julia Moder?

I had considered originally being just "Heather". I like my name (thank you Mom) although it is wildly popular among the born between 1974-1979 set. Which means every single person not named Heather has a sister named it. Which makes for a lot of "Heather" commenters out there. I didn't want people to have to decipher which "Heather" it was that was leaving all these stupendous and momentous comments on their blogs. So I fancied it up and now I'm here. Blushing and cringing and presuming. SHE'S HERE!!! START THE PAR-TAY!!!!!

Then like an uninsured driver it hit me. With just a minor change, I could go from being brash and self-absorbed to being withdrawn and reticent. Which I love. Folks, here it is, here I am, here we go...


She was?

No one noticed when I walked in. No one noticed when I slipped out. No hi's no good-bye's. So much more my style.

Monday, January 4, 2010


7 new books waiting be to read.