Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Other News...

This afternoon Diamond Sparkle Eena was seen lunching with an unidentified older woman at the kitchen table. Diamond Sparkle Eena was wearing a layered assortment of shirts, an apron, and a green corduroy skirt, paired with mismatched black shoes. The woman wore jeans and a tee. The ladies dined on Ramen noodles, a green salad (none for Diamond Sparkle Eena, thank you), and toast with jam. Overheard was discussion on whether Ursula was indeed a human, or an octopus. After some debate, and an explanation of what an octopus was, Diamond Sparkle Eena declared her to be a sea witch, and the conversation moved to other topics. As the pair came to the end of their meal, a small skirmish broke out as the woman informed Diamond Sparkle Eena that she would be taking a nap in five minutes. Apparently, there was some opposition to this plan expressed by Diamond Sparkle Eena, who took to the floor in protest. The woman was seen crouching down and speaking to the upset girl, which did much to mollify her, and shortly said pair rose hand in hand, left the kitchen and headed down the stairs, where, one may confidently assume, Diamond Sparkle Eena laid down her sweet head, snuggled up to her blankie, and went promptly to sleep.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day! My biggest dream as a child was to become a mother (sorry Darron, you can be sure wife was waaay up there, too). How often do people get to realize their biggest dreams? Here are my little angels, my little headaches, my little comedians, my little worries, my biggest blessings:

Hinckley: The Guineau Pig. Absorbs our parenting mistakes with the greatest of ease. Destined for a few more once he hits puberty. I have lots of new ideas planned...
Halle: Pure Sweetness. She gives me what I lack.
Ava: Squeaky, Squawky, Squimey. Won't hold still for a picture. Tommy: Cherubic. Although he runs with a rough crowd.

I was blessed with a mom who wanted to be there. We were a screaming obnoxious bunch of ingrates, yet I never doubted that she was doing what she wanted to do. I hope my kids know that about me. I am doing what I want to do, what I have always wanted to do, what I was meant to do. I offer no apologies (today), exceptions, addendums. I love being a mother. May God bless each of you women who are striving and nurturing and learning and waiting and becoming. Happy Mothers' Day.